We are a dedicated group of Holistic Practitioners, Therapists and Educators who have come together to offer our services to our community and the world.

Due to the current restrictions, the HHN has not held any monthly member gatherings. Once the Covid-19 situation has eased, the HHN will look at reinstating these gatherings at The Albany Body & Mind Health, 95 Lockyer Avenue, Albany on a regular basis. At these meetings HHN members listen to a speaker who showcases their unique ideas, practice methodology or new research.  Following the presentation, attendees engage in meaningful discussion on the topic of the evening.  We find that each practitioner and therapist brings a different perspective to the room and everyone with an open mind has an opportunity to learn something new.

By coming together as a group and creating meaningful relationships between practitioners we can successfully build a team of local health professionals who are ready and willing to achieve productive health solutions. We truly believe this leads to sustainable change within the community. We know that just one practitioner can’t know all of the answers for their patients, so a much more efficient and holistic solution is to work together as a team to consider all aspects of a person’s health concerns.

When a practitioner’s aim is to find a holistic solution for their client, they inevitably recognise that ‘one-size fits all protocol’ does not suit everyone. Members of the HHN are dedicated to helping their clients reach optimal health by facilitating a personalised health care solution. They treat the person, not the disease.

Our members have an incredible variety of experiences, skills and knowledge between them.  Each uses different intuitive and holistic methodologies to identify the underlying cause of dis-ease and systemic imbalances.  We recognise there is a power higher than ourselves and respect each others beliefs.  We share new evidenced-based research and encourage continued professional development.

We aim to create a paradigm shift in the current health care model by empowering the individual to take responsibility for their own health by coaching them, educating them and guiding them towards their own goals.

While acting locally, we are thinking globally.  We are being the change we wish to see in the world by hosting educational events, exhibitions and being involved in community initiatives.  Most recently this has been through showing documentary films with a health focus and creating a community verge-side garden at Albany Body & Mind Health.

If you are a health practitioner who would like to attend one of our monthly gatherings or become a member, please contact us.

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